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Watching  a  FCSP  Match  at  East  River  BAR



Our FC St. Pauli match viewings are tape-delayed on match days at The East River Bar (ERB) on South 6th Street between Bedford Avenue and Berry Streets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (see map below). Everyone is welcome and there’s plenty of space to get a good view of the screen. ERB has beer specials on match days and is CASH ONLY.
How to get there: Take the L train to Bedford Avenue or the J/M/Z to Marcy Avenue, ERB is a short walk away from each stop. Click
here for directions that you can customize from your starting point.
Our match viewing parties are completely free of charge. Since The East River Bar is our host, it’s customary to patronize the bar and tip the bartender. Also, we sometimes collect optional donations in support of the official FC St. Pauli charity, 
Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli (VcA). During the 2014-2015 season we will also be collecting donations in support of Lampedusa in Hamburg.
We make a point of insulating ourselves from news of the final score for a few hours so that we can enjoy watching the game for ourselves. If you choose to come to an event already knowing the final score, PLEASE KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Some of us get upset when we have the game spoiled for us and no one wants to hang out with an angry pirate.​