From the first notes of Hells Bells to the singing on the terraces, St. Pauli wouldn't be St. Pauli without music. Here are some of our favorites.

Two bands came out and rocked for our Viva con Agua benefit, The Glass Is Half Full. They are awesome and we love them.

The brand-new collaboration between All Torn Up! and Rabbi Darkside was featured in the 100th anniversary press conference for FC St. Pauli. You can see the video snippet here.

Hamburg's own Tapete Records supported us and Viva con Agua during our benefit concert for WaterDays 2009. Mad props to them and their amazing catalog. They have a free sampler in their digital downloads store. Grab it. The 320 Kbit-quality mp3s are completely unrestricted and DRM free.

The Wakes have a new album out. We may be biased, but "Pirates of the League" is a standout track. It's available here.

Art Brut's song, "St. Pauli," has garnered worldwide acclaim. We like to request it when they play in New York. It helps if you bring Eddie Argos, the lead singer, a copy of Sweet Tooth. "St. Pauli" is track 3 on It's a Bit Complicated.

We Love St. Pauli
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